Source Gobi Men’s Sport Hiking Sandals Review

So I have some really mixed feelings about the Source Gobi Men’s Sport Hiking Sandals. I’ve had them now for two years and wear them as often as my only other pair of shoes, and I DO use them regularly for hiking. I like the rubber pads that are glued on to the molded EVA footbed, designed to prevent the foot from sliding around inside the sandal, and overall, they’re quite comfortable on my feet. They DO have some serious design flaws though. First, this whole velcro fastening system thing has to stop. The velcro wears out over time and becomes useless. They should simply switch back to a synching buckle system like on their old Zambezi model. Next, the strap across the toes needs to be made so that it can still be tightened even after the material stretches. The front end of my feet have been swimming around in these sandals. Third, it would be preferable to construct the straps from a quicker-drying material of a higher rubber content so that it dries out after worn in water and doesn’t result in chaffed up feet. And finally, the most critical change that MUST be made to the design of these sandals is to actually stitch the straps into the EVA footbeds. The glue just doesn’t cut it. Six of the ten spots where the straps attach to the footbed have popped out on me at different times. The first time happened just a month after I bought them while walking down the street in Jerusalem. Every subsequent time was while on the trail. If I hadn’t been carrying a repair kit with me those times, I would have been repeatedly S.O.L.. The point is that I need to be able to rely on my footwear, especially if I’m paying $100 for a sandal. In the end, I would not buy this sandal again unless they made the necessary adjustments to the design.

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